Did the cast of The Originals get along?

Did the cast of The Originals get along?

Klaus and Elijah might be at each other’s necks on almost a daily basis, but the actors are actually really good friends. Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies have become such great pals, they play pranks on each other in-between filming!

Are Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies still friends?

Gillies and Morgan shared the screen for five seasons of The Originals, anchoring the show in their characters’ brotherly devotion to the family. They carried on like brothers behind the scenes too and remain good friends. Morgan explained it started out with him and Gillies testing each other over parking spaces.

Are Kol and Elijah from Vampire Diaries related?

Early History. Finn was the second-born child of Mikael and Esther, after his older sister Freya. Kol was the fifth born child, after their two brothers Elijah and Niklaus. It has been hinted that the two, along with the rest of the family, were close once before they became vampires.

Who does Elijah end up with in The Originals?

And when she did, it was like no time had passed. Before Elijah was bitten by Marcel, fans will recall that he and Hayley finally got together. And Haylijah fans will be happy to hear that five years apart hasn’t changed their feelings.

Who did Klaus really love?

2 HE ALMOST TAKES OUT THE WOMAN HE LOVES All the characters on The Vampire Diaries know that Klaus is in love with Caroline, including Caroline herself.

Who is Joseph Morgan best friend?

Claire Holt and Phoebe Tonkin are not the only members of the cast to create a genuine friendship with each other off-camera. Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies are best friends in real life too! They often enjoy pranking each other on the set of the show— a sign of how close they are!

Who is Phoebe tonkins best friend?

7 Phoebe Tonkin And Claire Holt (Best Friends)

Who is Elijah’s girlfriend?

Hayley Marshall
Katherine PierceAntoinetteCeleste Dubois
Elijah Mikaelson/Significant others

Is Klaus in love with Hayley?

We know that Klaus will have an emotional breakthrough in Season 2, but it definitely won’t be that he’s in love with Hayley or that he’s more of a pack-guy than a lone wolf. He bonded with Hayley from the beginning, protected her when Klaus wanted her and the baby to be killed, and THEY KISSED.