Did Shakira play drums at Super Bowl?

Did Shakira play drums at Super Bowl?

Shakira Plays Guitar + Drums During Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show.

Does Katy Perry play any instruments?

Perry signed with Red Hill Records and released her debut studio album, Katy Hudson, under her birth name in 2001, which was commercially unsuccessful….

Katy Perry
Awards Full list
Musical career
Genres Pop rock disco
Instruments Vocals guitar

Does Miley Cyrus play any instruments?

Miley Cyrus can play the guitar But the pop star can also play several instruments, including the guitar. In 2009, Cyrus explained how she learned to play guitar left- and right-handed. I learned right-handed (right-handed) so I could borrow guitars.”

Does Shakira play the piano?

The guitar is not the only instrument Shakira can play, though it is the one she has the most experience with. She also plays the piano. Perhaps more surprisingly, she can also play the harmonica, a talent she displayed early in her career.

What dance does Shakira?

Shakira’s iconic belly dancing is a reference to her Lebanese heritage. Shakira once told Rolling Stone that she was eating in a Middle Eastern restaurant with her father when she first heard the doumbek drum and fell for belly dancing. Now she combines belly dance with Latin dance to create her own signature style.

Why does Shakira’s voice sound weird?

Vocal Negatives: Her voice sounds as if it’s artificially gaining its weight via her larynx being forced down, as her talking voice is light. Her vocal styling and intonation can also make comprehending her lyrics hard to do.

Does Billy Ray Cyrus play the piano?

From 2001 to 2004, Cyrus starred in the television show Doc. The show was about a country doctor who moved from Montana to New York City. From 2006 to 2011, he co-starred in the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana with his daughter Miley Cyrus….

Billy Ray Cyrus
Genres Country
Instruments Vocals guitar piano

Did Miley play the piano in the last song?

Miley Cyrus worked with a dialect coach to help lose her Southern accent. She also learned to play a classical piano.