Did Betsy Ross have grandchildren?

Did Betsy Ross have grandchildren?

Susan Newportvia Susannah Griscom Satterthwaite
Betsy Ross/Grandchildren

Who was Betsy Ross’s third husband?

Betsy Ross
Spouse(s) John Ross ​ ​ ( m. 1773; died 1775)​ Joseph Ashburn ​ ​ ( m. 1777; died 1780)​ John Claypoole ​ ​ ( m. 1783; died 1817)​
Children 7
Parents Samuel Griscom (father) Rebecca James Griscom (mother)
Family Andrew Griscom (great-grandfather) Sarah Elizabeth Ann Griscom (great-aunt)

Is Betsy Ross related to George Washington?

Ross convinced George Washington to change the shape of the stars in a sketch of a flag he showed her from six-pointed to five-pointed by demonstrating that it was easier and speedier to cut the latter….

Betsy Ross
Family Andrew Griscom (great-grandfather) Sarah Elizabeth Ann Griscom (great-aunt)

How many brothers and sisters did Betsy Ross have?

Betsy had 16 siblings; she was the eighth of 17 children. She attended Quaker schools and was taught sewing and other crafts in her early life. Betsy finished her schooling at the age of 17 and later went on to work with a local upholsterer.

How old was Betsy Ross when she married John Ross?

Betsy worked until 1827 and she also brought in many of her immediate family members into the business. Betsy Ross married John Ross, an Anglican, when she was just 17. Since Betsy was a Quaker, she was not allowed to marry someone outside of her religion.

What did Betsy Ross do for a living?

Betsy and her family sewed upholstery, made flags and banners for the “new” Philadelphia after the Philadelphia Campaign. She created six 18-by-24-foot garrison flags in 1810 which was sent to New Orleans. In 1811, she made 27 flags for the Indian Department.

Where was Betsy Ross buried in New York?

Her remains were buried in three different locations, first at the Free Quaker burial ground in North Fifth Street in Philadelphia. Her remains were later buried at Mt. Moriah Cemetery. Her final burial was at Arch Street, which is adjacent to the Betsy Ross House.