Can Chinese dwarf hamsters live with other hamsters?

Can Chinese dwarf hamsters live with other hamsters?

For owners who want to keep two or more hamsters together, Dwarf hamsters are recommended. These species can be kept in pairs or groups as long as they are given adequate space. Most Dwarf hamsters will enjoy company from members of their own species, but Syrian (and sometimes Chinese) hamsters must be kept alone.

Can 3 dwarf hamsters live together?

Dwarf hamsters do not welcome intruders, so pairing of hamsters must be done carefully when they are still young. Owning just a pair is preferable for pets because adding more increases the chances for disagreements. If you choose to group three or more dwarfs, the same rules that apply to pairs also apply to groups.

Can a teddy bear hamster live with a dwarf hamster?

Also known as the Syrian hamster, the teddy bear doesn’t want company. Certain dwarf hamsters are capable of peaceful cohabitation, but it’s not a good idea to ever mix hamster species.

Are there any hamsters that can live together?

There are many types of dwarf hamsters, including winter whites and Campbell’s Russian dwarf hamsters. Even though most full-size hamster species can’t be kept together for their safety, many dwarf hamster species can cohabitate with success. This includes the Campbell’s Russian dwarf hamster, which you’ll often find hybridized with winter whites.

Can a Chinese hamster and a Russian dwarf hamster live together?

Chinese hamsters are dwarves as well, but these are solitary hamsters, unlike winter whites and Campbell’s Russian dwarf hamsters. Chinese hamsters will fight if kept together, even if you’re just keeping one male and female together. They will need to be kept in separate enclosures and only put together for mating purposes.

Are there any pure white hamsters in the wild?

Disappointingly, pure winter white hamsters are incredibly rare and you’re unlikely to find them without some serious searching. That said, hybrids of winter whites are rather common, and these hamsters sometimes live in groups in the wild.

Which is the best hamster to keep as a pet?

Syrian hamsters are some of the largest and most docile of all hamsters that are commonly kept as pets. They’re generally about 5-7 inches long when fully grown and can weigh as much as 6 ounces. While these hamsters are considered to be very friendly with humans, they’re not social with other hamsters.