Are Save the Date magnets a good idea?

Are Save the Date magnets a good idea?

Just get engaged? Congratulations! Once you’ve booked your wedding venue, the next step is to tell guests to mark their calendars and make plans to attend your wedding. The best way to spread the word is to snail-mail guests a save the date card, which is mailed to folks before the wedding invitation.

How big should save the date magnets be?

You can create a unique save the date magnet in any size, and the size you choose can affect how you send them out to guests. Small wedding magnets measuring 3.5″ x 4″ or 4″ x 5.5″ fit easily into standard size envelopes. Magnets measuring 5″ x 7″ might require a specialty mailer or large envelope.

How do you make a save the date magnet?

Peel the paper off the sticky side of the magnet. Then pick up a piece of printed cardstock and center it over the magnet. It doesn’t have to be lined up perfectly since you’re going to trim them down in the next step. Just make sure all sides of your save the dates are touching the magnet.

How much do Shutterfly Save the Date magnets weigh?

magnets was if they would cost extra to mail, but the magnets are very light weight (. 5 oz) and should only require regular postage.

Can you send refrigerator magnets in the mail?

Magnets must be enclosed in the flat-size mailpiece and either must be affixed to the contents, wrapped within the contents to prevent excess shifting, or fill the envelope with no more than 1/2 inch clearance between the left and right edges of the magnet and the mailpiece edges.

Can you mail refrigerator magnets?

How do you address Save the dates?

Address the save the date with both of the couple’s names. Traditionally, the man’s name goes first, but if you’re close to the woman and her boyfriend is coming as her guest, switch up the order and put her name first.

Which name comes first on Save the dates?

Typical protocol says that prior to the wedding day (on Save the Dates, Invitations, etc.) the bride’s name should precede the groom’s. And after the wedding day (on Thank You cards, Address Labels, etc.) that the groom’s name precedes his new wife.

Are Shutterfly magnets good quality?

Picture quality of these magnets are good. I have noticed that I must be careful with my fingernails (not too terribly long) whenever pulling a magnet off of a magnetic surface.

Can I mail a magnet in a regular envelope?

How are strong magnets shipped?

Magnets are often shipped in a steel-lined box to remain below this limit. If there is any chance that the arrangement of magnets could change, or any package shielding could be damaged so that a measurement exceeds this value, it falls under the Dangerous Goods category and should be labeled as Magnetic.

What do you do with Save the date magnets?

Set the tone for a unique and truly special wedding with a Save the Date announcement befitting the occasion. A fun alternative to traditional Save the Date invitations, Zazzle’s Save the Date magnets are a great way of getting the word out about your wedding plans.

When to mail your save the date cards?

You’ll find a variety of different answers to this question online, but most seem to recommend that you mail your Save the Dates 6 to 8 months in advance. If you are organizing a destination wedding or your event falls on a significant date, you may want to mail them a little earlier.

When to send out save the dates for wedding?

Read through our post on mistakes to avoid as you prepare this first correspondence to your guests. Generally, it’s recommended that save the dates be sent out 8-12 months in advance for a destination wedding, and four months in advance for a local affair.

Can you put text on a wedding magnet?

Drag and drop text anywhere on the magnet. Once you have finalized your magnet’s look, it is a best practice to carry that same theme and color palette over into your future wedding correspondence, such as your wedding invitations , bridal shower invitations, bachelorette party invitations, and thank you cards.